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ESKAY is an architecture, design, and creative collaborative with over 9 years experience. We work with a global client list within the areas of design, culture and creativity.


At ESKAY, we value innovation, collaboration, efficient solutions, and take the time to understand our clients' needs to provide each client with unique designs that reflect their individuality and uniqueness, resulting in a strong relationship built on trust.

ESKAY is a team of seasoned and energetic professionals sustained by the cross pollination between the members from across different fields who are driven by creativity, transparency and honesty.

Our projects can be found internationally in Jordan, Kuwait, United Arabic Emirates, USA, with offices in Amman Jordan and Washington DC (the DMV area).


Serene Kanaan

Lead Designer + Founder

Having lived and worked in several countries, and been exposed to various cultures and architectural adaptations, Serene has developed her own architectural palette that caters for her clients: understanding them, their needs, and their patterns. Form not only follows function, it should follow feelings, catering for the needs of the small-scaled humans occupying and using these spaces. Her design approach is with the community and end-user in mind.

Serene obtained her B.Sc. in Architecture from the University of Michigan and her M.Arch from Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, and has worked with firms in the US, Middle East and Asia. Her objects have been on display in various Design Weeks.

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