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First debut at Saudi Design Week 2017 in Riyadh.

Material/ 3D printed in Nylon and metal.
Dimensions/ approx. 16"x16"x16"

These harmonic structures are sound; sound turned into a structure; a structure that represents sound but is also inspired by the Latin ‘Lā’. The frequency of a sound affects the sine waves which are turned into a three-dimensional form.

Language is Harmony. Harmony is life. Harmony is necessary to coexist, and to solidify society by developing a stronger and more conscious bond with one another. These sound sculptures attempt to represent the beauty of unification, harmony and power of language: the universally unifying ‘Lā’.

The formations of the sculptures are inspired from the harmonic structure of the word 'La' in the universal communication language, and are a representation of the sound of the word 'Lā' in a melodic form. The birth of this shape represents sound waves interacting with one another in harmony. unifyingLA designs are a structure of harmonic vibrations travelling and frozen in time.

When waves are pure and far from the intricacies of noise, they create captivating patterns that are graceful and beauteous. These sculptures show a phenomenon that is mesmerizing; unifyingLA sound sculptures are the spoken word materialized into form.





al 1.jpg
al 2.jpg
al 4.jpg
al 3.jpg
gold 2.jpg
gold 1.jpg
gold 3.jpg
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